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My story

My name is Elisabetta Di Chio and I am the creator of the ARTEMICIA project, born in 2020. After a career in the world of fashion design, I chose to dive into a new adventure that could reconcile my passion for art and craftsmanship with my love for the animal world.
Ever since we adopted the first Algebra kitten in the family and later Trudi and Minnie, my admiration for these extraordinary creatures has grown steadily.
The looks we exchange communicate their emotions, thus creating a special connection and the understanding that is created is extraordinary.
This is why in my portraits I always pay great attention to their magical eyes.
With ARTEMICIA I create eclectic representations of your best friends using a mixed technique in which watercolor is mixed and enhanced by multiple tools, such as pastels, liner and gold leaf. Each work is created tailor-made for the customer, studying the techniques and backgrounds that best suit the protagonist. The attention to detail and the accent on color combinations will make your portrait unique and inimitable.

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